Nov 28, 2011

Allentown Comic-Con

Super-Cool, uninterested Smurf

Went to Allentown for a small show.  Got to chill with my brother, Lauren Perry, & Seus!
Did some Planet of the Apes pieces.  Met Matt Murray, official Smurfologist; busted him out a little piece. 

Some kid bought a comic from my brother, and got a sketch of him as a zombie.  He came back a couple minutes later with his face painted like that.  It was pretty F'n cool.

Did a piece of John McLaren's original character, The Gremlin.

Zombie-Kid & sketch by Chris Moreno.

Cornelius - lookin' beefy for my man, Lou

Doctor Zaius - Layin' down the law to those hippie punks!

Oct 9, 2011


I think that metal show I went to last night has had an effect on me.  I drew this using a tablet in Sketchbook Pro.

Sep 21, 2011

Video project

This is a project I'm wrapping up.  I used alot of different textures on surfaces.

Aug 27, 2011

New drawing - Zombie Cola

Started the pencils for a pin up for my brother's book Zombie Dickheads.  I'm bringing back a character for a story I started years ago, but never had my story writing skills up to par to actually flesh out a full series.  I'm working on a new script now, but here's the drawing.  Took it with a camera, so not a great scan.

Aug 20, 2011

Space Marine - process

Working on a project, and coloring it on photoshop.  I'll post the finished one when it's done.
I don't have a scanner at my place right now, so I snapped a picture of the drawing with my laptop cam.

It originally had a gun in there too, but I had trouble placing it.  I blew it up also & redrew the blacks.

Blocking out the lights & the background.

I'm pretty far on it now.  Still needs work.

Jul 31, 2011

I'm Cursed

I had a dream last night that I was cursed and I had to go on a quest to rid me of the devil's grip. I fell in love with a girl in a white bikini, that a I met at a casino. I only saw her twice & slept with her.  She disappears, winds up being killed by the devil and stuffed with the devil's evil.  Then she went ape shit in a deli. The evil was a computer virus that I had to have one of my friends crack the code to keep anyone else from being infected after I smashed her in the throat with the end of a hockey stick.  It was like a Boston creme donut shot out of her mouth.  Then slowly, other guys who were stuck at a table, their necks began to swell up and they looked dead.  The girl I met some how knew that this was going to happen so she wrote down a code that I had to decipher. I think she was psychic.  But originally I was at the counter of the deli to buy a lottery ticket with those numbers, thinking that was why she originally wrote them for me. I made up this crazy song and this video in my dreamtalking about my life as a cursed man. I think I can finally work on that script that I started a couple years ago.

The cyclops that escaped from hell.
This can go back to 2 different characters I made up, the skull kid that beats up on ghouls, and the cyclops that gets dragged down to hell and escapes.  The devil follows him and tries to get back his 3 singing beans. I love horror & horror comics and I think it’s time I start working on this. 
Another cyclops

Jul 20, 2011

Get your copy of Ghetto Manga "Sweet Christmas Special"

My man, Samax, is mailing out the pre-order copies.  So you should get your hands on a copy NOW!
Included is the first eight comics of Mini-Battle Men.  The cover is a tribute to Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #1.  I remember getting the issue I did the MF DOOM cover for and this shit was THICK!  It's definitely worth the price and you're supporting one of the hardest working dudes I know. The articles are great, there's great comics included by some really talented people.  Peep the reviews here.  Don't pass it up!


Jun 16, 2011

Some Inspiration

Right now, I'm thinking about designs for an opening cinematic to the game I'm working on.  I already have the style of the characters done. So I'm trying to focus on color.

Legend of Zelda by ilias-saili

Donatello by supernitro

Venom by ChaseJC

Mega Man by ry-spirit

I'm always a fan of GPK artwork

Fred Harper

Jun 11, 2011

New digital drawings I'm starting.

I'm working on a series of digital drawings to beef up my portfolio right now.  Ranging from photo real to digital painting...I'm experimenting with a series of different approaches.  These are just sketches for now.
I was working off an actual photo for this one.

Something I did while I was bored.
Done the same time as the drawing below...its the same character, except in more of a cartoon style.  I was able to get down the 1st round of coloring for this dude.

This I drew on paper.  I want to practice digital coloring with ink.

Chill rabbit.
Lizard Hermit.
Old view from my window at work. With an enormous tree.
Practicing my exaggerated perspective with digital.

May 13, 2011

My Thor review

I just wrote a review for my friend's Ghetto Manga blog.  Check it's got some spoilers in it.