Jul 31, 2011

I'm Cursed

I had a dream last night that I was cursed and I had to go on a quest to rid me of the devil's grip. I fell in love with a girl in a white bikini, that a I met at a casino. I only saw her twice & slept with her.  She disappears, winds up being killed by the devil and stuffed with the devil's evil.  Then she went ape shit in a deli. The evil was a computer virus that I had to have one of my friends crack the code to keep anyone else from being infected after I smashed her in the throat with the end of a hockey stick.  It was like a Boston creme donut shot out of her mouth.  Then slowly, other guys who were stuck at a table, their necks began to swell up and they looked dead.  The girl I met some how knew that this was going to happen so she wrote down a code that I had to decipher. I think she was psychic.  But originally I was at the counter of the deli to buy a lottery ticket with those numbers, thinking that was why she originally wrote them for me. I made up this crazy song and this video in my dreamtalking about my life as a cursed man. I think I can finally work on that script that I started a couple years ago.

The cyclops that escaped from hell.
This can go back to 2 different characters I made up, the skull kid that beats up on ghouls, and the cyclops that gets dragged down to hell and escapes.  The devil follows him and tries to get back his 3 singing beans. I love horror & horror comics and I think it’s time I start working on this. 
Another cyclops

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samax said...

you should make a comic of that dream!