Jun 20, 2009

Another Portfolio site...

I just signed up for this one and it seems its the best yet. Its invite only though, but I think anyone that applies for it can get in.

Jun 18, 2009

New portfolio page

I found this great site called Coroflot. I think its unlimited uploads and its really pretty looking.

Tyler Woods - Prove Myself

I just caught this new song off of http://junglejem45.blogspot.com/ produced by my fave, 9th Wonder

New Things to check out!

Yo, so alright! 1st things 1st! What everyone who reads this needs to do it vote for me on this shit.

Its the GhettoManga MF Doom contest
Voting ends at 11:59pm on Friday, June 26th so get your votes in!
I would really appreciate it, I would love to have this published, also I need the $$$ to pay rent this month.

Secondly, I, Ape-Man, is done! I finished it! It's available for download, plus its FREEEEEEEE!!!!

Don't forget to vote ASAP!


Jun 16, 2009

MF Doom contest

Peep this Doom piece I just busted out for my man, Samax. He's running a contest that just ended yesterday.
Link here for the other entries...Voting opens soon.