Oct 30, 2006

Up-n-coming shows

Just to update, here's a list of shows Mensen & I have until the end of the year:

All Portland Shows!
Friday, November 3rd, Someday lounge - Live Painting - 10:30 pm

Friday, Dec. 1st, Someday Lounge - Live Painting - 10:30 pm

Thursday, Dec 7th, Upper Playground, New Scenery (group show)
Backspace - Live Painting a truck - 6pm - 9pm
The Fez - Live Painting - 10pm to 2am

Let's see if we can rack up more!!!!!!!!!


Oct 24, 2006

Leaching off hardworking people

Ok so, my partner and I did some work back for a set of coloring books, that were BOTH Mensen's brain child. 1 was a coloring book of important civil rights and political figures, the Color of Dissent. The second was a book that included many hardworking Graff artists and 1 of which was my teacher, Pose2, called SoMuchLove in One Can. They were both going to be a series of coloring books that were going to be produced with the help of Mensen's old boss at Babywit.com. Both of the series' profits were being split to different organizations. It turned out that her boss went off the deep end, fired Mensen, and kept the books that we worked so hard on.

NOW - the owner of Babywit.com is selling the books on her website, without our permission, jacked up the prices, and also not giving any of the money to the respected organizations. On top of constantly slamming Mensen with harassing emails, and writing false info about Mensen and I on her blog, which is very accessible from the Babywit website.

There is an article below that makes no mention of either one of us working on the books:

"Which would you rather have: a) a coloring book that teaches your kids the names of all the over-commercialized characters that lure your sweet babes into wanting cartoon faces plastered on everything they own, or b)  one that gives them a little lesson in art and history? Yup, we agree.

That’s why the popular designers of alternative baby attire at Baby Wit now have their own children’s coloring book series, “Coloring for a Cause.” The series consists of just two books thus far, but already they put all other coloring books to shame.

The first book, “The Color of Dissent,” celebrates the unsung heroes of American history. It includes portraits of 28 Americans who spoke out about the injustices they observed in our society. Each page also includes a quote, and the book finishes with 6 pages of biographies to continue the lesson once all the lines are filled in and hanging on your fridge.

“So Much Love in Just One Can,” the second book in the series opens your children’s mind to an art form they may not otherwise learn: graffiti. Consisting of 26 pages of street art, this book helps portray graffiti as a legitimate art form. And this isn’t the type of graffiti that litters up the playgrounds around here. This is art that requires talent contributed by some of the best graffiti artists from East to West.

Both books retail for $8, and are made from 100% recycled materials and soy-based inks. Half of the proceeds are donated to various charities, such as Books for Prisoners and Pose2’s Graffiti: The Art Form Class, and the Tri-City B-Boy BBQ. While kids will just be happy to color in the simple sketches, you can use this as a chance to open up a dialogue about the bigger picture.

- Cara"

I am not posting this up so that anyone that is disgusted by this will do any such thing against the babywit website or write letters to the owner of babywit or the writer of the article telling them how you feel about this situation. I, in no way am telling anyone to do such a thing. Please...do not take any sort of action....what-so-ever.

Oct 3, 2006

Live painting

Friday the 6th (my birthday), Legal Bee will be live painting at the Someday Lounge, NW 5th & Couch, Portland, OR.
Its attached to a D&B show with CircuitBreaker, who is supposedly a big deal. I don't follow D&B so I wouldn't really know. We'll be painting at 11pm.

9pm, Friday Oct. 6th
Someday Lounge
Portland, OR

Ironman blog

This is some awesome shit to go with Jamar's BBWW blog...I'll submit something and post it later.
Tony Stark: Your GO TO GUY!

Sep 20, 2006

Siren Song comics out now!

The 1st printing of the individual Siren Song story has just been printed. Its got the story by David and I, and a good dose of pieces & sketches that I've recently done. If you see me, I'll probably have them on me so track me down and buy one from me, please. I'll also make them available to order through the mailing list as well. Only $2 shiney dollars.


Sep 18, 2006

Reject Villians Project

Ok, heres what I got goin' now, on top of everything else. I'm going to make a book of reject super villians. I've been doing quick sketches here and there. I've got characters like "Spiderface" and "Gato muy Malo."
Here's The Ulcer.

Here's what I'm wishing from you guys. If you have the time to. Either draw one up, for you artist types, or write one up, for you writer guys (or as many as you would like) and I'll put them in the book. I'm planning on making it color so color them if you want. Basically, give me what you want and I will fill in the rest. If you write up a villian, I will draw it and put it in the book. If you draw it and don't color it, I'll color it for you (not as poorly as I did The Ulcer mind you). I just want as much input from different artists as possible.

Just to let you know its not going to be published right away, this is an on going thing. When I go to school in the spring I want to get artists from Parsons to do stuff too. So its not just going to be done in a couple of months. I want to get some really sweet stuff from everyone. Just email me at killrzees@yahoo.com with any submissions.



Sep 11, 2006

Mailing project Postponing.

Sorry ya'll about it this time. I know July's package was late, but September is going to be late also. I'll get you guys with something to make up for it. It just turns out I have WAAAYYYY too many projects on my hands right now. Trying to get some shows going now. And working on projects I am just too bogged down at the moment. I apologize to you all.


Sep 7, 2006

My profile image

Here's a closer look at my profile image. Its a PS color of a postcard I did for AotKZ.

Here's the original.

There's one more coming this way, I'll post it later.



Sep 6, 2006


This is the Fat Wonder Woman blog that made me want to start my own blog. Scroll down to find the art done by Ms. Mensen and I, or click here.



Horror Anthology

From David Hopkins (the writer of Siren Song)

Now available in the Previews catalog on page 238 --

Dark Horrors Anthology Volume 1 GN

by Various
Mature Themes, 120 pages B&W, $9.95
published by Arcana Studio
(order code: SEP063063)

I contributed a short story. It's illustrated by ZeeS and lettered by Justin Stewart. Thank you Aaron Thomas Nelson for inviting us onto this project. I'm happy with how it all came together. I wanted to work with ZeeS on something (anything!), and this gave me the perfect opportunity.

The story itself is a personal one. In the sense that I consider my own greatest fear. Kennedy became "Kendra" and this tale about a father losing his daughter came out. It's still difficult to read these pages. I can't allow my own mind to wander too much. Understandably, Melissa had a hard time with it too.

I'd be interested in other people's feedback about this, but from another perspective, this six page narrative could be viewed as an allegory for the crisis in New Orleans. It's not too much of a stretch when you have a panel of a distraught black man waist-deep in water calling for help, with no one responding. Without spoiling the ending, there's another panel that's particularly symbolic, which could just as easily be an editorial cartoon on the government's response. So yeah, a possible
social horror story about negligence -- with a possible supernatural element. Maybe?

I let Jim Lujan read it. He sent me this e-mail today: "That is deeply deeply disturbing... but SO SO Good,man! I'm going to have nightmares. PS...the art....FANTASTIC!!" Thanks Jim.

-- It was cool working on this short project. I haven't done comics in a long time and this was definitely a good thing to dip my feet in the water. David and I are in the process of releasing this comic individually with some art and a short written story. For all of you subscribers keep and eye out for this in your packages.


First post

First post, this is for you that know where to look.