Nov 28, 2011

Allentown Comic-Con

Super-Cool, uninterested Smurf

Went to Allentown for a small show.  Got to chill with my brother, Lauren Perry, & Seus!
Did some Planet of the Apes pieces.  Met Matt Murray, official Smurfologist; busted him out a little piece. 

Some kid bought a comic from my brother, and got a sketch of him as a zombie.  He came back a couple minutes later with his face painted like that.  It was pretty F'n cool.

Did a piece of John McLaren's original character, The Gremlin.

Zombie-Kid & sketch by Chris Moreno.

Cornelius - lookin' beefy for my man, Lou

Doctor Zaius - Layin' down the law to those hippie punks!

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