Jun 11, 2011

New digital drawings I'm starting.

I'm working on a series of digital drawings to beef up my portfolio right now.  Ranging from photo real to digital painting...I'm experimenting with a series of different approaches.  These are just sketches for now.
I was working off an actual photo for this one.

Something I did while I was bored.
Done the same time as the drawing below...its the same character, except in more of a cartoon style.  I was able to get down the 1st round of coloring for this dude.

This I drew on paper.  I want to practice digital coloring with ink.

Chill rabbit.
Lizard Hermit.
Old view from my window at work. With an enormous tree.
Practicing my exaggerated perspective with digital.

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ari hayne-keon said...

Hey man can I use your chilled rat drawing on my logo I am a rapper and would like to use it please.