Aug 5, 2010

Review for AM/UK Rocktronic Mixtape Vol. 1 - With finished cover

From:  The Jalopy Blog

Americans UK: Rocktronic Mixtape Volume 1
Created & Edited by Jef UK
Written & Illustrated by Jef UK, Donal Delay, Sam Vaughan, Aaron Bir, Ronald Salas, Ben, Nick Thompson, David Kushner, & Jeff Powell
Cover by ZEES

the three cents:
The Americans UK are a real-life, New York-based band fronted by Jef UK. After producing a fun mini-series the team is releasing this, their first anthology. Five stories are presented by the Am/UK and friends, loaded with more attitude than your best local dive bar band just getting started on tomorrow's hangovers. Generally comedic with elements of sci-fi and fantasy and left field bizarre, Rocktronic Mixtape is a hard one to pin down. Even if I might well be one of the only reviewers in the world who has covered every issue thus far.
The first story, John Loves Wayne, is a Western, though not necessarily in the Brokeback sense. This is far, far worse. It has six-shooters. And, it is a direct adaptation of lyrics from one of the band's newer songs (which you can size up here).
Story two is a slice of life tale if by slice of life you mean finding a headful of gold in your freezer. Cause yea, that doesn't happen. At least not outside of Texas.
Story three has little to do with the band, with rock and roll, or with bodiless heads. It is however, a fantastically-drawn short that twists a stereotype around until ears bleed.
Story four may be my favorite of the book, even if it is rendered in a style comparable to that of most ten-year olds. Actually, this tale is a somewhat continuation of events that transpired in the series, with a fun Anime-like fight sequence and a shocking guest appearance from one of the world's greatest bands of all time. No, not Winger.
And the final story is also very easy on the eyes, and smartly spoofs a toy that most self-respecting adults own. And the kid getting drunk and macking on his friend's mom? Icing on the cake.
Americans UK are an imaginative, colorful lot. They are comic book-knowledgeable and do not shy away from lyrics involving time travel and/or monkey men. What Jef has done and is doing with these comix is a world of fun, a gas and a half. Honestly, these are the sort of comics that Fredric Wertham got a hard-on over, undoubtedly. This is degenerate material, even if it lacks nudity or verbal vulgarity. Yet this does attempt to capture in sequential art form the spirit of the music...or the music of the spirit. It may not be for everyone, sure, but then what is?
No, not Winger. Damnit.


Robert Trujillo said...

Certifiably dope! Love how the background recedes and the characters pop out.

samax said...

Great work! your character design continues to impress!