Aug 4, 2010

Cool color correction through "Levels"

So I just figured this out yesterday, say you have something you colored in with markers, or in my case, I painted something with watercolor.  I don't have an example, so I can just walk through the process.  Its using levels, but I didn't have to keep sliding the shadow, midtone, & highlights arrow back & forth until I found something that was sort of what I wanted.  It usually would blow out my hot colors like red & yellow and make my dark pencil lines over bearing.  This hit it every time.   

1. So you just scanned your image, the colors look like shit, because scanners aren't a magical piece of machinery like in the movies and don't scan exactly what is in front of you.

2. Either go to Image > Adjustements > Levels or hotkey: Apple + L (Mac), or Ctrl +L (PC)

 This should be what comes up, make sure preview is selected.

3.  Open "Options..."

 This is what you should see next.

4. Under Algorithms, click the 3rd option, "Find Dark & Light Colors", then hit ok.

If you have preview selected, it should show you right away.  I used it for all of my scans yesterday with my paintings and it was perfect everytime.  I have no idea what the other options on this window do, but I'm assuming if you have a one color image the 1st option would work around.  I'm going to need this when I scan Mini Battle Men #2 this week.


samax said...

I use levels for darkening b+w artwork. click the black eye dropper, and select something on the art... everything that color or darker will be shifted to pure black.

click the white dropper, and touch an area and everything that color or lighter will be shifted to pure white.

very good for cleaning up dirty spots.

Killer ZEES said...

Cool, I'll try that with my B&W stuff..I either do the thing where you select the black layer, then fill it on a new layer or just adjust the brightnes/ contrast.

samax said...

yep. I've been using photoshop for a long time, and I still find out new stuff you can do with it all the time!

M. Sean McManus said...

Never tried that. I've always been a "curves" man myself...