Nov 29, 2010

MBM cover

I'm working on a fancy cover for Mini Battle Men.  I hope to finish it before Tuesday.  Good news is, I already finished this week's comic so it will be on time this week HOORAY!

Anyways, here's the pencil sketch and the WIP (click on them for a bigger image):

Nov 17, 2010

Nov 15, 2010

Ghetto Manga Cover - Luke Cage Tribute

My good man, Samax, let me grace his Ghetto Manga Quarterly for the 2nd time.  This time it's the Mini Battle Men, reenacting a scene on the cover of  Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1.  Each of the trio is rocking a different Cage costume. 

Not only are the Mini Battle Men on the cover, but there is also a 1st time printing of MBM #1-9 (week 7 was a "technical difficulties" comic, so it is not included).  
I'm also working on a actual cover for Mini Battle Men. I will include both of these on the wevolt site in a couple of weeks.  Yanno, it'll help me get some hits for the weekly rumble contest.


Nov 5, 2010

Mini-Battle Men #11

Just dropped Mini-Battle Men #11 on Wednesday!  Do me a huge favor, when you're done read it this week, click on the "Like" button, right below the comic:

I'm entered a contest to get the most votes per week.  You can also go back to last week's and click "Like" as well.