May 7, 2010

Background painting

This is what I've been working on the past couple weeks...its a preschool age show. I'm creating the look of their world.

That's the sketch I work from. I'm 'painting' them in 1st full scale photoshop coloring project. I'm learning alot, but its not something I want to completely transition to. I love working on paper and with my hands, and I always will. But I'm using alot of Mary Blair and Hanna Barbara backgrounds to influence my coloring. I mix some splatter brushes with charcoal and water color brushes to get that texture with the brush.



Robert Trujillo/Tres said...


samax said...


I pretty much do traditional stuff for fun, and do stuff for pay in photoshop.

my hand-drawn work is rough and undisciplined (that's how I like it), but people seem to repsond to my photoshoppery more.

Killer ZEES said...

Well whatever you do man, I like it. I forgot, do you use a wacom?

samax said...

Thanks, Zees! I HAVE a wacom, but I still don't use it much.