Aug 6, 2009

New groove!

Checkit-checkit-check it!

So yesterday I started a new internship at a great music magazine, Wax Poetics! Its a super in-depth mag', and sometimes too text heavy for me...I can't help it I read too many comics. So far they trusted me with laying out the weekly newsletter and today I scanned around 85 records from the Fania record catalog. Most were 1st pressings and some were even unopened! HO MY GOD! I thought to myself, I was the 1st person to ever touch these covers since they were pressed back in the 70s. Thats 30 f'n years ago!!! Today, they got in a shipment from the Fania warehouse in Miami and there were two cases packed in with it. My boss took one and I took the other. There was basically nothing inside but a receipt from 1974 for the processing of a film from the Latino music festival from Screen Gems/Columbia Pictures.

The history was swarming around me.

I got to meet DJ Amir. Plus 2 minute walk to a nice and sunny park between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge is monumental. The office definitely looks like it needs a mural on their walls - too much white space. I think I got something *hint, hint*

My new paid job is sign painting at Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's a decent place to shop...good food, but 80% expensive and high on the yuppie tip. I rocked the hell out of TJ's in Portland because I could take advantage of food stamps. So TJ's is an alright joint, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to paint signs and the whole idea of playing with text all day is great...the amazing thing too it I don't use a computer to lay out the signs; all done by hand from beginning to end. Once I transfer over my photos, I'll post them. If I could get a good job painting signs for higher pay and closer in proximity I would drop TJ's in a heartbeat. I would love nothing more than to paint signs and do comics all day - heaven!

Just so I don't leave this post w/o some art


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