May 18, 2009

Mini-Battle Men, Episode 1: Enter: Nega Neutron

Mini-Battle Men Ep.1 from ZEES on Vimeo.

Mega Neutron and Supreen are from a race of small angry superheroes. Going almost unnoticed, they have found a home in New York City. Mega Neutron has had it with Supreen's messy living habits. After a alley cat shits on their cardboard box porch, Mega Neutron looses it. He takes his aggression out on the cat and rolls into the street. After they are plowed over by a truck, Mega Neutron's mean side splits off to create, Nega Neutron.

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Queen Mob said...

Hi there, nice blog you have there! Very cool drawings, illustrations etc. I am returning to New YOrk this AUgust and I will stay for probably 1-2 years!