Jan 22, 2007

Christmas Presents for the folks

I am extremely late with getting out my holiday presents to my family. Here are 2 paintings I'm sending to my parents.
This one is for my dad.

This one is for my mom.

My brother is getting a jacket with this same character painted on it. He's listening to a stereo playing some good music.

He represents me slightly...the 2 sided head. One side is the 1-eyed "narrow-sighted" me; not really seeing the bigger picture just going along with things...not always bad, its just the side of me thats less serious. The 2-eyed side is my contemplative side, the side that is always thinking; sometimes a little too much.

These paintings are going along with some other gifts.

In other news, we're painting with the Living Legends on the 1st of Feb. This show is going to be sick. I'm really looking forward to it.

Our show at Floating World Comics went really well. We still have to finish the mural, but so far its coming out really well.



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